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Water Color Starter Kit Class Special item list

1.     Grumbacher Academy Water Color chart with SKU numbers and characteristics of colors.

2.     Three Primary Colors Systems Chart, Double-Primaries Pallet Chart, Color Fundamentals Chart, Color Temperature Chart, Color Mixing Chart, Class water color blends chart.

3.    two-Strathmore Imperial 8"x 6"  140 lb. Water color Paper, I use the 22"x 30" sheets and cut down to size,  one-Crescent Rag matboard 8"x 6" #1153 comes in 32"x 40" sheets,  one-Crescent All Media Board, Hot Press #20, 8"x 6". 2- Strathmore water color Test stripes remember always test your new colors on the new paper

4.     One only- 10 well Plastic Pallet, (use the middle to add special colors, to small for mixing)

5.     Set of 4 Brushes "Synthetic Sable" ( use the largest brush possible for the job)

6.     Two art lesson lesson starts

7.     Sixteen (16) tubes Grumbacher water Color Paint 7.5 ml. in the following colors included with Kit.

(01) Lemon Yellow A118 (12)                   (05)Alizarin Orange A005
(02) Cad Yellow pale A036 (48)                (06)Cad yellow Med A034
(03) Cad Red Med A029 (31)                    (07)Thalo Blue A203
(04) Indigo A112                                       (08) Sap Green A187
                                     Chinese White A043

Additional paint colors are recommenced to complete your assortment and will be of great value for seascapes, water and fill in your color wheel

(12) Thalo Green A205

(11) Ultramarine Blue A219               (13)  Alizarin Crimson A001

additional paint for landscapes
(14) Burnt Sienna A023 (21)               (15)  Indian Red A110

additional paint for flowers
(16) Thalo Crimson A204                    (17) Thalo Violet A229

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Phone; 808 685-5593

 Red number indicates where the color is on the Color Identification Wheel

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