OPAL TRIPLET FOR SALE,  LOT T105, 16x12mm. Oval

Opal Triplet 16x12mm Gem Grade Lot:T105

opal triplet for sale 16x12 mm. Lot:105

Due to high magnification of this photograph, sometimes lines or marks appear in the picture. There are no visible  blemishes with this stone with the naked eye. Generally the actual stone will look brighter, clearer and more fire than this Photo.

16x12mm Opal Triplet Gem Grade $79.99 


   Size:  16x12mm OVAL HIGH DOME
  Grade: GEM
  Play of COLOR: 
  PATTERN: Broad Flash
  BRIGHTNESS RATING (1 to 5): = 4.05

  Body Tone:

Strong visible flash pattern  that remains all around the stone. The stone does not require movement to see  color. Strong green flash when stone is moved

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Body Tone
... Central to the nomenclature is the description of body tone. Body tone is the base color of the stone, without taking the play of color into account. Under the new nomenclature, all tones from black to white are assigned a value from N1 to N9.

Opal body tone

Brightness of Fire
... The other criterion is the brightness of the fire. Brightness is graded on a scale of 1 to 5.

Level: Name: Description:
1 Faint Shows a little play of color only under direct sunlight, none under low light
2 Dull Shows some color under low light, but is dull even under indirect sunlight
3 Bright Shows fair color under low light and very nice fire under indirect sunlight
4 Very Bright Shows good color under low light and sharp crisp color under indirect sunlight
5 Brilliant Shows exceptionally bright crisp color in all lighting situations

Our Grading System for Opal triplets

Gem Our best Opals

AA Excellent quality

A High quality

B Average Quality

C Commercial Grade.

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