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Original Hawaiian Mongoose Water Color Art Painting by Hawaii Artist Donald K Hall

Original  Water Color Painting Hawaii Animal, " Mongoose," by Hawaii artist Donald K. Hall #511

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Mongoose #511, (Herpestes javanicus) original 101/2" X 73/8 Water Color Art Painting is  mounted on 11" x 14" Matte.  

Original $675.00


The Small Asian Mongoose. Known also by it's Hawaiian name of 'Iole manakuke (or just manakuke.   Hawaiian plantation owners who in 1883, brought 72 mongooses from Jamaica to the Hamakua Coast here on the Big Island. for rat control. These were raised and their offspring were shipped to plantations on other islands.Currently, only the islands of Lana'i and Kaua'i are (thought to be) free of mongoose. There are two conflicting stories of why Kaua'i. The problem with mongooses is they are active mostly during the day, whereas the rat is active at night - so while they did eat some rats, they had very little impact on the overall rat population. More importantly, however, was the fact that the mongoose have a taste for birds and especially bird eggs. While the rat was already endangering native populations of ground nesting birds, bringing the mongoose only added to the problem. The normal diet of a mongoose is largely made up of insects, but also includes small cats, frogs, rodents, seeds, nuts, fruit.

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