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Biography of Famous Award Winning Hawaii Artist Donald K. Hall

Donald K. Hall is captivated by Hawaii, it's beauty it's energy and it's people. Hawaii is magnificent, every corner is splashed with color and majestic beauty

Don has been painting professionally since 1982, He has studied with the late water colorist Zoltan Szabo and Tom Lynch. Born in Ottawa Canada. Don now resides in Hawaii and is a Dual Citizen of both Canada and the United States. His work signed D. Hall is collected internationally and is very popular among those who like to see beauty directly without the need for further explanation.

Don is also an accomplished sculptor, jewelry designer, gold and silversmith and was owner of Diana Creations Ltd. a chain of Jewelry stores featuring his original designs. The company was named in honor of Don's wife Diane. Arthritis has taken the ability to sculpt and work with metal away from him but with the encouragement and inspiration of his wife of over 50 years, Don now concentrates on his painting.

"The rhythm of life has a powerful beat. In today's fast pace of life its important that we take the extra time to share the beauty of the world. It's incredibly fulfilling to do what I feel I came to Earth to do and be one of those to share this beauty with you, Aloha."

"I spend my days looking for inspiration for new work. I want individuals to feel what I feel at the time I produce a painting. I want you to look beyond that and find other things in the painting you can relate to. It's my attempt to connect to you on a personal level.-Let me know if I have?"

"I feel that it is the landscape or Seascape, which has painted itself for me. I have been but a facilitator through which the landscape has been painted as a record recorded of its presence."

"Although not born in the Islands of Hawaii, I feel the spirit of Aloha every day and this spirit permeates though my work. One of the joys of painting is the endless combination that the paint, color and texture manifest on the canvas. or water color paper. When successfully different colors go into collaboration or oscillation with each other. Layers of paint are built up with various degrees of transparency creating unpredictable effects. I like a good, textured painting which gives me the sense that there is something more than a flat image itself."

Monet is said to have put each canvas aside, and pulled it out when the particular atmospheric lighting effect appeared. A particular canvas was earmarked for only a certain atmospheric effect, and thus he would not work on it under a set of conditions different than those he had decided to be suitable for that piece. This is wild, but I haven't completely figured it out as yet, however, I do leave the painting out in my studio and view it for a time before I release it for sale.

Don and Diane Hall 77 Karsten Drive 26-C, Wahiawa Hawaii 96786

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